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Automatic cut-off design


Automatic cut-off design;
This system is designed to save the damage on commutators of mdiget motors when brushes are likely to become worm beyond operational limit.
The moment the brush has worn to replacement level the Cut-off pin automatically interuspts the circuit. 

By industrial carbon brushes it means carbon brushes used in wide range of D.C. motors, Power tools, Welding generators, Variacs, Carbon brushes used for SPM machines, Water Pumps, Tacho Generators Etc. We Manufacture carbon brushes for replacement market for makes such as Bosch, Mico, Eureka Forbes, Hitachi, KPT, KBD etc. Some of the samples are shown in the Picture. 

Nowadays most of the power tools are Fitted with Auto Stop Carbon Brushes, these type of carbon brushes automatically cuts off the motor when the brushes wears out upto a certain prescribed limit, thus ensuring the safety of the motors from getting damaged. Sample is shown.